John Vidal

John Vidal is a distinguished Business Consultant, and an invaluable member of our esteemed leadership team. With an impressive background that includes serving in Global 500 companies like Kimberly-Clark and General Electric, John brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organisation.

As an accomplished professional with expertise in engineering and technical sales, John plays a pivotal role in supporting our business growth in the region. His insights, honed from living in bustling cities such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Singapore, offer a profound understanding of the ever-evolving Asia Pacific market.

John’s collaborative approach and ability to build lasting partnerships with clients make him a trusted advisor for companies seeking to expand their market presence in the region. He possesses a remarkable talent for fostering growth and seizing opportunities, driving our team towards new horizons.

Beyond his impressive achievements, John’s amiable nature and passion for sharing knowledge make him an inspiration to our entire team. His commitment to excellence and continuous learning enriches our work environment, cultivating a culture of growth and innovation.

We are incredibly fortunate to have John Vidal as a key member of our leadership team, guiding our organisation to new heights.

Connect with John on LinkedIn to learn more about his exceptional journey and experiences.

“Success is not just about reaching the destination; it’s about embracing the journey with passion, dedication, and a collaborative spirit. Together, we will shape a future of endless possibilities.” – John Vidal

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